The most complete referential database in terms of CMS (Content Management Systems) or what French speakers call PGC (Content Management Software) . Here you will find a wealth of information on the vast majority of CMS and their tools that populate the Web.


A content management system or CMS Content Management System (CMS) is a family of software intended for the design and dynamic updating of Web sites or multimedia applications. They share the following features:

they allow several individuals to work on the same document;
they provide a publication chain (workflow) offering, for example, the possibility of uploading the content of documents;
they make it possible to separate management operations from form and content;
they allow content to be structured (use of FAQs, documents, blogs, discussion forums, etc.);
some CMS include versioning.

When the CMS manages dynamic content, it is referred to as a dynamic content management system (SGCD Dynamic Content Management System or DCMS).

CMS should not be confused with electronic document management (EDM) systems which enable content management to be carried out in the company.